Prevent the Summer Slide with the Summer Slugger Program

Each summer, students lose critical math and literacy skills, widening the achievement gap and requiring substantial remediation at the start of each year. To prevent this “summer slide,” EVERFI has partnered with Major League Baseball to develop a continuous and engaging learning experience that prepares students of all backgrounds to enter the next school year on track.

The 18-week program, targeted at incoming 4th to 5th graders, unlocks activities at regular intervals and offers rewards for progress and consistency along the way. Students engage with content that reinforces key foundational and procedural skills while enjoying the freedom and motivation of a baseball-themed, gamebased learning experience.

To log on to the program Students open the Everfi app in their Single Sign On portal. They enter the course codes in to the “Add a Course” tab at the top. Use their Broward student number as their username. Class code: 24b55d0a


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