Smiley Math Forms Due 10/26

Smiley Face Math is a program designed to enhance your child’s journey through mathematics. It will help students develop problem-solving skills, and critical and creative thinking. The program is run by PTO parents and is available to students from Kindergarten through 5th grade who want to try, regardless of prior success in mathematics. We encourage involvement in the program through positive feedback and incentive rewards.

* How does it work? The worksheets will be emailed to you, or if necessary, printed and sent home with your child. Worksheets will be graded and returned to the students the following Friday so they can see what they accomplished and see how many smiley faces they have earned. Each problem is ranked accordingly to the level of difficulty. The number of smiley faces you see beside a problem indicates its level. As the number of smiley faces increases, so does the level of difficulty.

* When does it start? The program will start on November 2nd and end on February 1st.

* Is my child supposed to complete every problem? It is not expected that students know the answer to every problem on every worksheet. The process of interpreting, understanding, and trying different strategies is valuable in the attainment of mathematical power.

* Can I help my child with the answers? Your role in Smiley Face Math will be to encourage and facilitate problem solving. Feel free to offer guidance toward certain strategies and read the problems to your child, but please do not give the answer. For this program to be effective, the thinking should be done by the student.

If you would like your child to participate in the Smiley Face Math enrichment program, please complete the requested information form and return it to your child’s teacher no later than October 26th.

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